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  • Do Dogs Get a Period?Why Do Dogs Get a Period?
      You likely already know that intact (unspayed) female dogs bleed but may be wondering why do dogs get a period? In reality, dogs do not get a […]
  • Why Do Dogs Eat Their Puppy's Placenta?Why Do Dogs Eat Their Puppy’s Placenta?
      Why do dogs eat their puppy’s placenta? Let’s face it: some things dogs do may seem to us a bit revolting, but if we look at the underlying […]
  • Why Do Dogs Absorb Puppies?Why Do Dogs Absorb Puppies?
      If you are wondering why mother dogs absorb puppies, it could be your expecting dog had an ultrasound and 3 puppies were confirmed and then on […]
  • why mother dogs reject puppiesWhy Do Dogs Abandon Their Puppies?
      If you are wondering why mother dogs abandon their puppies consider that there are many dog behaviors that may appear difficult to comprehend […]