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  • Dogs Circle Before PoopingWhy Do Dogs Circle Before Pooping?
      Wondering why do dogs circle before pooping? This is a really good question. Well, here’s a direct answer: we really don’t […]
  • Dogs Sleep By FeetWhy Do Dogs Sleep By Their Owner’s Feet?
      Your dog can choose to sleep in many areas, yet your feet seem to have won first prize as your dog’s favorite sleeping spot, so […]
  • Dogs Chase CarsWhy Do Dogs Chase Cars?
      It’s almost a reflexive behavior, a car drives by and Rover pricks his ears and in no time starts running after it, but why do dogs […]
  • Dogs Eat DirtWhy Do Dogs Eat Dirt?
      You feed your dog a complete and balanced diet, provide him the occasional treat, and yet, your dog is attracted to eating dirt, so now […]
  • Why Do Dogs Run After Pooping?
      Why do dogs run after pooping? It’s almost a comic scene, your dog has a bowel movement and the next thing you know he’s […]