Welcome to the “Why do Dogs?” website! If you are on this website, you are likely asking yourself why your dog is acting a certain way and doing certain things. Well, guess what? You are not alone! We all had our fair share of dogs chasing their tails, drinking from the toilet and moving their legs when sleeping. We couldn’t just shrug our shoulders or shake our heads assuming they do so “just because.”

Instead, we went out of our way to try to discover what’s behind certain quirks and we didn’t want to keep all the possible explanations for ourselves. So we decided to share our findings and make them public so other dog owners could benefit from them too! Our articles are professionally researched by our contributors who are experts in their field and have been contributing to many   dog-related websites over the years!

Before proceeding to our website though we want to make some disclaimers straight from our homepage. Certain dog behaviors despite all the research may remain plain and simply unexplainable. Sure, dogs may have a good reason to behave in certain ways, but in some cases we don’t really fully understand yet what may be going on.  Sometimes, we can only make assumptions. When we find good resources though we’ll be happy to share our findings and link our pages to studies and authoritative references so you can expand on the subject.

The great news is that lately there is a great interest in studying dogs, so things are always evolving; so stay tuned as we are planning to add more and more explanations for all those odd doggy behaviors!

Also, several of our articles under the health section tackle health issues such as why do dogs get hiccups, why do dogs get arthritis or why do dogs get sick from eating chocolate. All our health articles warrant a disclaimer straight from our homepage. Any article tackling anything health related is merely information – not advice.

If your dog is sick you should be consulting with your veterinarian. If your dog instead is exhibiting behavior problems, consider that our content does not constitute professional advice on any subject matter. Dog training and behavior modification is not without risks and each case requires an individualized plan. Consult with a force-free professional dog trainer or behavior consultant for a hands-on assessment and plan. By reading our articles you accept our disclaimers.