It is said that dogs sniff because...

Why Do Dogs Sniff?

A dogs sense of smell is much greater than that of a human being and it can smell things from a further away distance than many other animals as well as humans. But when a dog smells something that it associates with danger, this fear enables the dog to avoid the smell. So to identify the smell again they sniff to confirm if there is a danger or not. By sniffing dogs make sure that the food they are eating is safe and appropriate. Dog sniffs other people to identify if they are not a threat. When you let a visitor enter your home, the dog would immediately sniff the stranger.

Every dog has a personal and unique smell. Through sniffing the dog identifies if the other dog is friendly, one he can play with or a threat that he should be wary of. The main reason dogs sniff is to learn. Dogs use the smells they learn about to identify people and animals, to identify foods, and to find out where something has been.

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